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DWI Explained ... In Plain Terms

When you've been arrested for a DWI in Texas – whether it was because you made a bad decision or because you were wrongly arrested – you need a lawyer who can protect your rights. You need a DWI attorney who can make sure you're treated fairly and who knows how to get results.

You've just found the lawyer you need.

Attorney Webb understands that you're probably feeling confused, angry, or somewhat fearful about what's happened to you. The process of being arrested, taken to jail, fingerprinted, and photographed was probably very dehumanizing and attorney Webb sincerely sympathizes with you.

You should not take your DWI arrest lightly. You're faced with a charge, which can have serious outcomes. You may be scared but with the right lawyer on your side you can improve your chances of getting the result you need.

How a DWI conviction can make your life very difficult

Here's a glimpse of what's in store for you if your case goes the wrong way:

  • You could lose your license.
  • Your insurance may cost more or be cancelled.
  • You could face steep fines.
  • You may not be able to get a job.
  • You could even spend time in jail.

By making a guilty plea, you would go from making a bad decision to a worse decision, one that will cost thousands of dollars and severely impact your life for many years to come. Refuse to accept a plea bargain, unless absolutely necessary.

Attorney Webb's goal is to get you off, so you have a clean record, don't lose your freedom and don't lose your driver's license. She knows that many drivers are wrongly arrested for drunk driving. Some drivers are arrested and treated unfairly. Amanda Webb - DWI Lawyer will fight aggressively for your freedom. You deserve nothing less than to be treated fairly.

What you should know about the prosecutor

The District Attorney prosecutes these types of cases all day. He knows–and is willing to use against you–all of the fine legal points that are available to him. The law says that he only needs to prove that after drinking you were not able to drive your car safely or that your blood alcohol exceeded a certain limit.

That sounds pretty cut and dry, but it's not quite as simple as that. You see, if challenged, the DA also has to show that the arresting officer made the arrest properly, that you were properly advised of your rights, that the equipment he used to test you was working accurately, and even that the person operating that equipment was certified to operate it. If he gets information that may prove you innocent, an attorney can make him give you that information also.

How a Houston Area DWI attorney can help

Many people arrested for DWI think they are going to be able to represent themselves. This is the second worst decision they could make, the first being hiring a lawyer who convinces them to plead guilty. Attorney Webb knows about people who have represented themselves because they frequently hire her to help them fight their second DWI. During the interview, she often learns enough to know she probably could have gotten the first DWI dismissed, or reduced to another charge such as reckless driving, or obstruction of highway.

DWI cases have serious consequences. For a first offense they include loss of driving privileges for one year, up to a two thousand dollar ($2000.00) fine, up to six months in jail, a $3,000 driver's license reinstatement fee and increasing insurance rates or loss of insurance coverage. As you can imagine, the consequences are even more severe for a second or higher offense. Don't take a chance when you can easily obtain qualified and competent legal advice.

Contact an experienced DWI lawyer in Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety estimates that a DWI could cost as much as $17,000.00 if you are convicted. Contact attorney Webb and know that your rights are being protected.