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DWI Appeal

Your options after a DWI conviction

If you were convicted of DWI in Texas, you may still have the option of appealing. Grounds for appealing a DWI conviction include new information has been made available, or a new witness steps forward. There also may be new evidence. Any information or evidence that would have changed the outcome of your case had it been known at the time may be used as part of an appeal.

It's wise to retain a DWI defense lawyer in the Houston Area who understands the process and is well acquainted with state law. Amanda Webb – DWI Lawyer may be able to contest a conviction you received. Don't hesitate to contact attorney Webb for a free consultation. Call 1-800-395-5951.

In Texas, appeals of criminal convictions can be heard by the Courts of Appeal, which are regional courts that review convictions, and the Court of Criminal Appeals, which is the highest state appellate court for criminal matters.

How a DWI appeal lawyer in Texas can help

If you were convicted and considering an appeal, you should contact a Texas DWI appeal attorney immediately, since there are strict time limits for filing notice of the appeal. A delay may affect your rights.

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