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DWI Blood Alcohol Level

A drunk driving defense lawyer in Texas can help you fight

Blood alcohol content, or blood alcohol concentration, refers to the percentage of alcohol content in your blood. In Texas, you can be arrested if a police officer suspects your blood alcohol level is .08 percent or higher while driving. If you are under 21, you can be arrested for DWI if any detectable amount of alcohol is found in your body.

Your BAC can be a significant part of evidence used against you by prosecutors if you are charged with DWI in Texas. However, if you received a blood or breath test that revealed your BAC to be over the legal limit, you should not simply plead guilty to drunk driving. Plead not guilty. FIGHT IT!

Defense lawyer Webb understands the science behind blood alcohol concentration tests. She knows how they can be administered improperly or by a police officer who has not been adequately trained to use the device.

By hiring an experienced Houston Area DWI attorney like Amanda Webb, you will have an aggressive advocate who leaves no stone unturned. Attorney Webb knows how to challenge the accuracy of such tests. She understands the limitations of devices like Breathalyzers.

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