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Fees and Payment Policies: Reasonable flat fees and hourly rates

Your first meeting with attorney Amanda Webb is free of charge and there is no obligation. She will fully explain all the potential fees of your case, which are flat fees based on the services your case requires. She fights to win and will tell you of any additional services that you may want to consider in order to ensure the best possible defense of your case.

It's your money. However, attorney Webb wants to put forth the best possible defense to your case and will give you plenty of advanced warning about the costs that are needed in your case.

A closer look at forms of payment

Of course, attorney Webb accepts payment by cash or your personal check. For your convenience, the firm also accepts a number of different credit cards and debit cards. Total fees are not generally required to begin representation and monthly payment plans are available, once your deposit has been paid for attorney Webb’s services.

Why it's wise to hire an experienced Houston Area criminal defense lawyer

Some people try to defend themselves or look for the cheapest possible attorney, but this is usually risky and the long-term effects are harsh. Good, experienced, professional legal representation can decrease many of these concerns.

You can discover for yourself just what attorney Webb can do for you by calling for your free appointment at 1-800-395-5951.