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Five DWI Myths

Let's set the record straight about DWIs in Texas

Many people who are stopped for DWI carry misconceptions about drunk driving or ways to beat the system. Unfortunately, bad information gets around. People buy into stories they hear from friends and this can have unfortunate consequences. At Amanda Webb - DWI Lawyer, we keep our clients informed with 100% accurate information. Too much is at stake for you to rely on fiction, myths and rumors floating around.

The following are some of the common misconceptions you may have heard:

Myth #1: That any lawyer can handle a DWI case

Truth: Many attorneys are not competent enough to handle DWI cases. Some have little experience and don't understand strategies used by the prosecution to get a DWI conviction. Visit our why you should hire a DWI attorney page for more information.

Myth #2: That you can wait a little while and see how your case is going before hiring an attorney

Truth: You need to take action quickly to protect your rights and freedoms. Your license will be automatically suspended if you do not request an ALR hearing within 15 days of your arrest and an experienced attorney can help you do that.

Myth #3: That if you failed the breath and blood tests, you should plead guilty because you have no other choice

Truth: The breath and blood tests can be used as evidence against you, but an experienced attorney will know how to challenge the evidence. Your lawyer can ask questions that may raise doubts about the test results. Was the breath testing machine checked periodically for proper function and accuracy? Was the blood drawn from you immediately refrigerated? Your attorney will have many other questions to ask. For more information, visit our blood and breath test page.

Myth #4: That the breath tester measures the concentration of alcohol in your blood stream

Truth: The breath tester used in Texas, called either the Intoxilyzer 5000 or the Intoxilyzer 5000en depending on the county of arrest, estimates your blood alcohol content. Some states don't allow the use of breath testers because there is too much room for error. A competent DWI attorney will always challenge the results of the breath test.

Myth #5: That you can trick the breath machine by putting metal or pennies in your mouth

Truth: Nothing you put in your mouth will lower your blood alcohol level. Some things you put in your mouth, such as mouthwash or breath freshener, might actually raise your level.

How a DWI defense lawyer can help

If you were arrested for drunk driving, don't hesitate to contact a Houston Area DWI lawyer. Call 1-800-395-5951. Attorney Webb can put experience and resources to work for you.