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Why the right attorney for drunk driving is a crucial decision

So you've been pulled over for DWI in Montgomery County. Do you know where to turn for help? Make no mistake: If you are charged with drunk driving in Texas, you will have to navigate a complex, tough legal system that takes DWI cases extremely seriously. Prosecutors will gather evidence against you and aggressively pursue a conviction. Even if you are a first-time offender, you face the possibility of jail time, as well as fines and a loss of your license.

With the stakes so high, you will need an experienced Montgomery County DWI lawyer on your side. Amanda Webb is a DWI defense attorney in Montgomery County who fights diligently on behalf of clients. Attorney Webb is well versed in state law and knows her way around the Montgomery County court system. She also knows strategies used by the prosecution and can challenge their evidence, from probable cause for making the traffic stop to the field sobriety test.

Attorney Webb is based in Conroe and travels to communities outside of Montgomery County to investigate a DWI case and build a strong defense for clients arrested on drunk driving charges.

How a lawyer may be able to help after a DWI arrest

Attorney Webb cares about clients and fights hard to get them the best results. She has tried numerous cases – and many cases don't even reach trial because they get dismissed due to attorney Webb’s doggedness.

Keep in mind that not every DWI attorney in Montgomery County is the same. Some might charge a small fee but have you quickly enter a guilty plea to a drunk driving charge. When you plead guilty to drunk driving, you may carry the conviction with you for the rest of your life. Your guilty plea may impact your ability to move ahead in a career or get into certain schools.

Attorney Webb offers clear advice to people who are charged with DWI in Montgomery County: Fight it.

Even if you submitted to a breath or blood test that indicates your blood alcohol content was above the legal limit of .08 percent, attorney Webb can help you challenge it.

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