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Texas DWI Laws

What you should know about drunk driving laws and penalties

DWI laws in Texas and throughout the nation have gotten tougher over the past 30 years. Decades ago, a drunk driving arrest might have resulted in a small fine or a quick dismissal. Nowadays, a conviction can mean an expensive mandatory ignition interlock device along with thousands of dollars in surcharges and even serious jail time.

While it's important to have laws on the books to protect the public, the DWI laws are created not simply to keep the public safe, but to generate money for the state. As the DWI penalties get harsher every year, we lose rights as citizens.

How a DWI defense lawyer in Houston Area can help

If you were arrested for DWI in Texas and don't think it's fair, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Webb is an aggressive DWI defense lawyer who is well versed in Texas DWI laws and has a long history of getting successful results for clients.

Attorney Webb understands the strategies used by law enforcement, which include mandatory blood draw weekends. The results of a blood test can be some of the most persuasive evidence a prosecutor will use against a defendant, but attorney Webb knows how to challenge the test results. You don't have to plead guilty simply because your blood test revealed a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

Every DWI case in Texas is unique. Whether you were charged with DWI with a child passenger or you were arrested for underage DWI, you should fight to protect your rights. Attorney Webb understands there may be extenuating circumstances. The police may not have followed proper procedure. While police don't have to read your Miranda warnings during a stop, they have to follow certain protocols, and attorney Webb knows to fully investigate the actions by law enforcement.

Contact an experienced DWI defense attorney

With so much at stake, it's important for you to have an experienced DWI defense attorney on your side. For a free consultation, contact Amanda Webb - DWI Lawyer today.