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Houston Area DWI Lawyer

Choose an attorney in Houston Area you can trust

You've been arrested for DWI in Houston and are wondering what to do next. One of your first moves should be contacting an experienced DWI lawyer. Whether it's your first offense or you've had prior convictions, you will be facing serious consequences. The state of Texas does not take DWI cases lightly. You will need a Houston Area DWI lawyer who is well-versed in Texas state law and whom you can trust.

Attorney Webb is based in Conroe, traveling to Houston and other cities and towns in Texas to investigate a DWI case and build a strong defense for clients arrested on drunk driving charges.

Your DWI arrest in Houston can be a scary and upsetting ordeal, but just because you are charged does not mean you are guilty. Unfortunately, many people who are arrested in Houston for DWI settle for any lawyer they can find. Sometimes it's the attorney who charges the smallest fee. But not all lawyers can provide the aggressive representation you need to obtain a dismissal, acquittal or deferred judgment.

How a lawyer can help if you've been arrested for drunk driving in Houston

A guilty plea should be the last resort in a Houston DWI case. Choose a Houston Area DWI lawyer who knows how to challenge all of the prosecution's evidence, from probable cause for making the traffic stop to the way the breath or blood tests were administered and handled.

Attorney Webb has obtained dismissals on numerous cases. She knows how to conduct a thorough investigation to make sure clients' rights are protected.

Attorney Webb knows that people make mistakes, but those mistakes should not have to follow them around for the rest of their lives. For a free case review with a DWI defense attorney in Houston Area, contact attorney Amanda Webb, serving clients throughout the Houston area, including residents in Montgomery County, Harris County, Conroe and The Woodlands Area.