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Underage DWI

A DWI defense lawyer can help you make a new start

Underage drinking in Texas – and many states – carries severe penalties if you are pulled over for DWI. Texas's zero tolerance policy means anyone under 21 who has even trace amounts of alcohol in his or her system can be prosecuted. An underage DWI conviction is considered a Class C misdemeanor in Texas. There are harsh consequences for being a minor arrested for drunk driving: a possible 90-day license suspension, $500 fine, community service and mandatory attendance in an alcohol awareness class.

Texas DWI defense lawyer Amanda Webb understands how difficult a DWI can be for anyone. A DWI conviction can stand in the way of getting into certain colleges or obtaining some desired jobs or other employment positions.

As an experienced Houston Area lawyer, attorney Webb knows that promising young people can make mistakes, but they deserve a second chance. She also knows that a young person arrested for underage DWI in Texas might not be treated fairly by the authorities. There may be factors in the case that could lead to a dismissal or a lesser charge.

How a drunk driving defense attorney can help

When representing clients, attorney Webb works aggressively to make sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed. If you are an underage person, or you are the parent of a son or daughter who needs quality legal assistance, don't hesitate to contact Amanda Webb - DWI Lawyer. The firm handles underage drunk driving cases as well as underage possession of alcohol or other alcohol offenses affecting minors.

You can rely on attorney Webb, who has years of experience getting clients the successful results they need.