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Pulled Over for DWI

What you need to know if you are pulled over for DWI

You may have been at a restaurant or someone's house and had a couple of drinks. As you drive home, you see a police cruiser in your rearview mirror. The next thing you know, the lights are flashing and you pull over to the side of the road.

The officer asks you if you've been drinking. You may even be asked to take a field sobriety test, or a blood and breath test.

Do you know how to respond if you're pulled over for DWI? Houston Area criminal defense lawyer Amanda Webb has experience representing clients who have been charged with drunk driving. In some cases, the district attorney who is prosecuting a drunk driving case in Texas may overreach. The police officer may make a mistake in administering a test.

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Steps to take if pulled over for DWI

It can be unnerving when a police officer stops you. You may be upset and even angry, but it's extremely important to handle yourself properly. It can mean the difference between going home that night or going to jail on a drunk driving charge.

  • Be polite. Don't argue with the officer and don't touch or threaten the officer in any way. The officer will make note of your behavior at the scene and it may be used against you in court.
  • If requested, give the officer your license, registration and proof of insurance.
  • Don't answer questions. You have the right to remain silent and to have a lawyer with you during questioning. If the officer asks if you've been drinking, or how much you've had to drink, politely refuse to answer. Everything you say to the officer can be held against you in court.
  • Decline to take any field sobriety tests. These coordination tests are voluntary and can be used against you.
  • Do not agree to any search of your vehicle.
  • Call an experienced DWI attorney promptly: 1-800-395-5951. Attorney Webb is available 24/7.

Contact a Houston, Texas Area DWI lawyer

Don't let a DWI ruin your life. Contact an experienced DWI defense attorney in Houston Area. Amanda Webb – DWI Lawyer can fight for your legal rights if you've been pulled over for DWI. Call 1-800-395-5951 or contact us online.