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Restricted Licenses/Occupational Licenses

Your driver's license options if you are charged with DWI

A DWI arrest can impact many areas of your life, including your ability to drive due to a license suspension. Your DWI arrest, however, does not necessarily mean you will have to give up your job because you lost your driving privileges. You have options, and a Houston Area DWI defense lawyer may be able to help you get your life back on track.

Amanda Webb - DWI Lawyer helps clients who are going through difficult times find solutions. We aggressively fight for clients to help them get a DWI dismissal, acquittal or deferred judgment, but we also can help them get a restricted license or an occupational license. Call 1-800-395-5951 today to see how attorney Webb can assist you after a DWI arrest.

You may still be able to drive to work or medical appointments

A Texas occupational driver's license is an option for people who have been charged with DWI and have lost their driving privileges. You should never drive with a suspended license. If you are stopped, your bad situation can become even worse.

By obtaining a restricted license or occupational license in Texas, you will be able to drive under certain circumstances, such as to get to work or addressing specific family needs or medical appointments.

An occupational driver's license can help you meet essential needs for work, school and household duties. This license is valid for 12 hours per 24-hour period and can be tailored to your particular driving needs.

Contact an experienced DWI defense lawyer

An attorney can help guide you through the complicated process and challenges that arise after DWI arrest. It's wise to hire an experienced lawyer who is well versed in Texas DWI laws, including license suspensions. Contact attorney Webb today. Call 1-800-395-5951 or reach us by completing an online contact form.