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Don't risk your future with the wrong attorney – Hire a DWI lawyer who is trained in blood testing

If you are pulled over for DWI, a police officer may ask you to take a blood test, which can be used as evidence against you. Prosecutors will argue that the blood test is proof that you were over the legal limit. While blood testing is generally considered to be the best evidence used by prosecutors in Texas DWI cases, an experienced Houston Area criminal defense lawyer who has taken the time to master the knowledge of the blood draw can challenge the results – and possibly keep the evidence from ever being used against you.

DWI Defense Attorney Joseph LaBella has the experience you need. While some attorneys have a passing knowledge of how blood testing works, LaBella is certified in blood testing. This means that Joe LaBella has completed the necessary training to become an expert in blood testing. He has a thorough knowledge of the blood testing process, and understands precisely how mistakes are made in handling the blood.

How a blood test error can happen

The blood test may indicate to the police that you were intoxicated, but many factors can lead to a false positive. Attorney LaBella is trained to identify signs of contamination in the sample or incompetence by the nurse or paramedic who drew the blood.

For example, the blood vile may contain the fungus candida albicans, which may raise the alcohol reading. The medical professional may have improperly stored the blood vile or violated other protocols that were taught during their phlebotomy training.

LaBella knows how to pore over the pages and pages of lab documents to look for any signs your test was not properly administered or handled. He understands that one type of blood test may be performed at a hospital, while another type may be performed at the State Lab. Different standards apply to each test. You need a lawyer who understands the differences.

An attorney who doesn't have an intimate knowledge of the various standards and protocols used may not be able to get you the results you need. You can rely on Joseph LaBella to fight aggressively for you. He gets results for clients who have been arrested for DWI after failing a blood test.

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Keep in mind that the state will use experts to argue the blood test result is solid. To level the playing field, you need your own blood test expert attorney. Contact Joseph Labella & Associates today to arrange a free case review. Based in Conroe, LaBella represents clients in Houston, The Woodlands, and communities throughout Texas. Call 1-800-395-5951 or reach us by completing the online contact form.